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Celebrate Mother's creates beautiful artwork of a busy mom and her children, so she can look back when her children have grown and not regret that she was always behind the camera.

The imagery is mixed with her hand-written words answering, “what do you want to remember most about your children at the age they are right now?” And the words or drawings of her children answering, “what do you love most about your mom?

Introducing the Celebrate Mothers Experience

The Mother's Day project to make sure YOU aren’t an invisible part of their childhood.

"Motherhood has the greatest potential influence on human life..."


Woodland Creek Park or William A. Bush Park

MAY - JUNE only
Select weekends and weekdays
available times will appear on the booking page

Heartwarming photos of you with your kids aren’t frivolous-
They’re a necessity.
Because to them?
You’re too indispensable to be omitted from their past.


●    30 minute portrait session of you and your children showing off your warm, loving relationship
●    Heartwarming question & answer pages so you can remember what was most important to you about your children during this time of your life, and can feel how much your kids appreciate you with their answers.
●    $47 portrait credit toward your artwork of choice - great for hanging on your wall or giving as gifts (online ordering)
●    Free 10x10 artists choice word & image collage - The mixture of beautiful photographs and handwritten words from your children and by yourself will bring back the intricate moments of life “back when” ($35 value)
●    Price: $127

"In a digital world, our most prized possessions are printed photos of the family. They're pure gold!"

What would YOU give to have your kids say nice things about you,
to get a nice note from them,
and have that recorded forever?

Only $127
to join the Celebrate Mother's Experience


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You aren’t merely loved by your children.

You’re irreplaceable. Appreciated. Valuable. VITAL.

Absolutely! Please email to order a Celebrate Mothers experience gift card. We offer boutique wrapping with our gift cards and even have a floral delivery option the day before Mother's Day!

Can I give this session as a gift to my wife or mother?

7 days after your session, you will receive a proof of 20-35 images from your session in your online gallery. You will receive an email when your gallery is opened for viewing, it will include instructions on how to redeem your print credit if you did not take advantage of the preorder credit option. 

Once your gallery is available you have the option to purchase from one of the specialty Celebrate Mom packages or individual items from this special event art menu.  

How do I use my print credit and order more prints from the session?

We will send out detailed instructions on how to dress after you book your session! We will talk about why you SHOULDN’T “matchy-match” perfectly, and instead, how to balance a color palette of multiple colors and patterns to look great together.

What should we wear?

Because we have such a limited time frame for these portraits, the session retainer is non-refundable if you miss your session/are a no show.

If you have more than 25 hour notice, you are able to reschedule in the booking system at no additional cost from your client portal. If you need help with this please email 

You sure can, however, any group with more than 8 people need to purchase two back-to-back sessions. A larger group will take longer to photograph, to fill out the question and answer form, etc. You will get the complete benefit of two sessions (double the product credit and two identical word and image collages)

Please email or call us about a traditional family portrait session if you would like a complete set of family portraits with your husband or partner. These sessions also include portraits of your children together, individuals of your children, and you and your partner.

What happens if we need to cancel or reschedule?

Can I include me, my kids, my mother, my siblings, and my grandmother?

Can I include my husband or partner?

It is a collage of you and your child/children’s answers from the session. I scan the documents and put them in a collage with our favorite image from the session. This 10x10 is heartwarming, and really what the session is all about! 

What is the 10x10 artists choice word & image collage?

Click the Sign Up button above to the booking page. You will be directed through the booking process to select your date, answer a few questions to make your experience the best possible, build your session package, sign the contract and then pay the balance due to secure your time slot. 

I recommend arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled session time, so that you can prep for the session, get clothing and faces tidy, check hair/makeup. Remember you have booked a 1/2 hour session. If you arrive 25 minutes late, you will only have 5 minutes left to get your portraits, as there may be another mom in the slot behind yours waiting for their session. Please be considerate of timing, preparation is key for a successful session. 


When should we arrive?


* Sessions are non-refundable.
* $127
* Portrait credit must be used within 2 weeks of the online gallery of images going online. After that time, the credit will be forfeited.

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